8051 Microcontroller

  • Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller 

 •Little Endian Vs Big Endian 

 •Von Neumann and Harvard Architecture 

 •Criteria for Choosing Microcontroller 

 •P89v51RD2 Features and Pin Configurations 

 •Architecture Block Diagram 

 •ISP and IAP Features 

 •Memory Organization of 8051 

 • Addressing Modes 

 • Instruction categories 

 •C Programming For Microcontroller 

 •LED Interfacing 

 •Seven Segment Interfacing 

 •LCD Interfacing 

 •Keyboard Interfacing 

 •Timer Programming 

 •Timer Calculations 

 •Serial Programming 

 • Interrupt Programming 

 •ADC Analog to Digital Interfacing 

 •Relay Interfacing 

 •DC Motor Interfacing 

 •EEPROM Interfacing 

 •RTC (Real Time Clock Interfacing)

  • DTMF Interfacing 

 •Bluetooth Interfacing HC05 with Android 

 •GSM Interfacing 

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