Bluetooth Robotics

What is this workshop about?

Bluetooth Controlled Robotics involves the operation of Robots in accordance with the signals sent from a smart phone using an Android Application and Bluetooth Communication. In the Bluetooth Based Robotics Workshop, serial programming of the Microcontrollers is an integral part. The workshop helps participants understand the concepts and use of accelerometer sensor, microcontrollers, and microcontroller programming in Bluetooth Controlled Robot designing.

Course Outcomes:

  • Understanding Bluetooth Communication & programming of microcontrollers.
  • Learning about the working of Android mobiles and analyzing about the Android Application involved in this workshop.
  • Practical experience for participant with DC motors, microcontrollers, Bluetooth module, Android applications etc...
  • Design and Develop Bluetooth Controlled Robots.

Structure and Topics covered:

  • Understanding Android Controlled Robotics and Bluetooth Communication 
  • Designing the Robot
  • Fabricating the Robot
  • Programming the Robot


        All participants will be given a certificate of participation

Duration:    One Day



Fee:              Rs.            /- only  ( Per Team of 2 Members)

Pay Now:    Register by paying   ₹ 1000 now and remaining                        amount has to be paid at the venue

Note:           Each team is advised to carry a laptop for the program.

You can also request us to organize this workshop in your college