Circuit Simulation & PCB Designing

  • Introduction to Simulation Software 
  • Simulation & realization of different analog circuits
  • Simulation & realization of different digital circuits
  • Interactive Simulation: Animated Circuits

        AC, Basic Electricity


        Combinational Logic Circuits: GATES, Counter

        Diodes & Rectification

        Inductors & Relays

        Operational Amplifiers


        Sequential Logic Circuits

        Transistor Circuits555 Timer Mode & Frequency meter

        Motor Examples

  • Graph Based Simulation

        741 OP-AMP



        Active Components Samples

        Active Switches Examples

  • Introduction to PCB designing
  • Board creation with auto routing / manual routing
  • Component generation and IC Footprint creation
  • Fabrication Process of actual PCB layout 
  • How to make Animation of Circuit 
  • 3D Visualization of Circuit using ISIS Proteus

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