Embedded System Design Using 

8051 Micro controller

  • Introduction to 8051 Micro controller 
  • Assembly language programming
  • Embedded systems basics
  • Embedded C Introductions
  • Introduction to Simulation Software
  • Simulation & realization of different analog & digital circuits.
  • Embedded Programming on Keil IDE
  • Simulation of Micro controller based Experiments 

        IO port Interfacing 

        LED Interfacing

        Buzzer Interfacing

        Motor Interfacing

        Relay Interfacing

        7 Segment Interfacing

        Keyboard Interfacing

        LCD Interfacing

  • Serial Interfacing 
  • I2C Interfacing
  • RTC Interfacing
  • EPROM Interfacing
  • Interrupt Programming
  • Project based on 8051 development Board

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